Thursday, September 23, 2010

Premiere Supper Nightclub

Been working now stop and moving my studio to Venice, CA this is why I haven't had much time to update my blog.  Sorry will be back on track soon.

I photographed the latest newest, hottest nightclub in Hollywood, CA called Premiere Supper Nightclub.
Here is a link to the site, 
Check it out for yourself sometime it goes off.  Open every Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  To get on the list you contact Sicky Dicky Productions  Filled with all kinds of big celebrity's like, Robert Deneiro, Usher, Leonardo DiCaprio, Kevin Conley, Ashley Greene, Frank Muller, Shamwow, Lady GaGa and much much more.  Come party with the stars.

This was a great shoot and loved working with Vinny and Nico thanks a lot guys.
My photos assistant was Dan The Man check out his site.
We shot this on the Canon 5D Mark II and only used one hot light with a lot of retouching, photo-shop layering. Go try it

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