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The 4th Annual Malibu Invitational

The 4th Annual Malibu Invitational went down August 27th and 28th to help raise money for a great local charity Therasurf.  All the proceeds this weekend went to TheraSURF including our Malibu Invitational Champion Dillon Perillo who donated his winnings. The weekend was amazing filled with great surfing, great people, and an emotional TheraSURF free surf and awards ceremony that had the whole beach in tears. Jimmy and Kim you are doing an amazing thing by bringing those big smiles to all those kids faces as well as to the faces of their friends and families. We need more people like you two in this world.

I have been a big part of this event since the start 4 years ago and it gets better each year.  I took some photos of the event, surfing, beach, events etc.  I hope this story is seen my thousands to spread the word.

TheraSURF is born by Jimmy Gamboa and his wife Kim with the help of their friends and family. TheraSURF helps heal children with special needs by taking them into the ocean to catch some waves. TheraSURF focuses a close attention to the intimate involvement with each kid and their families and close friends so all can share in the healing of the ocean together. There is nothing stronger than family and friends and to incorporate that with the power of surfing is an unbelievable experience and a sure thing.
If you would like to make a donation please contact

Big Thank You to our Hosts :  Val Surf, Freedom Artists, Duke's Malibu, Sicky Dicky, Vans, Ola's Mexican Grill, Tony T's Winner Pizza, Stockholm Krystal Vodka, Peligroso Tequila, Brian Rogers, Carla Rowland, Ryan Simmons, Darren Brillhart, and Brillo Productions.

Huge Thank You to our Sponsors :  Surfline, Malibu Magazine, Fuel TV, O'neill, Vestal, SkullCandy, Volcom, Quiksilver, Rusty, Matix, Body Glove, Peak Power, DVS, Rip Curl, VitaminWater, Electric, and Ransenberg Financial and Insurance Services.

Congratulations to Champions Steven Lippman and Dillon Perillo.  
the champ Dillon Perillo
The Keegan Gibbs and Dillon Perillo
Shooting from the water with no water housing pat and skylar
hats anyone
punk is not dead "sam"
Brandon from Val Surf looking for gold somewhere
skylar peak trying to get down some food before killing it with the therasurf.
I am a robot Anthony Petrusco smile killer
Wow so much killer history in this photo.  All the legends in one  photo so sicky thanks guys.
The boys set up a killer game of Beach Volleyball, don't mess with them wow.
Keegan's like a little kid in a candy store.  This was before going surfing against some of the best surfers.  You still killed it.
Jesse Jo loosing it on getting a wrist band for the party later that night.  Sam is trying to hard to take his off for her, so nice Sam (punk)
Leo Harrington: "hummer" hahahah such a classic photo wow
I love Malibu Beaches wow
Tanya Radulovich and photographer Jim Jordan
Steven Lippman winning it, good man
Dillon Perillo killing it the contest and than gets free champain bath, is he even old enough for this.
Steven Lippman, Jimm, Dillon Perillo

Dukes Party Just some of the images
Jimmy and wife Kim
The Sicky Dicky Skylar Peak
To see all these photos please Click Here

Best part of the day and what this whole contest was all for
TheraSurf.  It was crazy seeing this in person, the surf was firing and the kids had the best time ever.

Founders of TheraSurf Kim and Jimmy
Leo Harrington about to rip the waves so killer
Goodman Dale 
Skylar Peak really does kill it when surfing with the kids.  

Jimmy with TheraSurf showing everyone how its done.  So much style.
Steven Lippman getting one of the best waves of the day.
All the kids that where apart of this years TheraSurf
Now do your part and help make a difference today, every dollar helps


1st Place-Dillon Perillo
2nd Place-Pete Mussio
3rd Place-Danny Estes
4th Place-Killian Garland

Malibu Legends
1st Place-Steven Lippman
2nd Place-Evan Caples
3rd Place-Ricky Schaffer
4th Place-Mike Chipko

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