Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Jesse Jo - "Blue"

Today I had the pleasure of working with the lovely Jesse Jo Blue.  Jesse is an amazing young woman with so many different talents.  Singing is her main passion which she's currently working on her album.  She hopes to have it out this year.  

She is an extremely talented artists as well. She is head designer for Chrome Hearts which she designs everything not only jewls.  She also design's for Vans Shoes and clothing.

Jesse has a very unique style of her own, so for this shoot I really wanted to keep it simple and just shoot her being herself.  I chose not to work with a hair and make up artist or stylist because I wanted Jesse's natural look to come through.

This photo project is for a T-Shirt line I am producing with Anthony Petruso and myself.  These images are going to be printed on a shirt soon and will be available for purchase on my blog, so stay tuned to get  your limited addition one of a kind t-shirt.

Name: Jesse Jo Blue:
Hometown: lovers lane
Birthdate: april 4th
About you: I like to play and stud all day
Favorite beach: lil dume
Favorite music: joan jett hank III misfits aerosmith cher sex pistols
Favorite food: sushi
Plans for 2010: all ya gotta know is that I'm gonna kick some assssssssss
Quote: "once you learn what I already know we'll be together forever"

** Video from the shoot coming soon **

Some behind the scene photos from the shoot.

Stay updated with Jesse Jo Blue
Twitter: @jessejoblue

John Hildebrand Photography

Thanks so much Jesse again for taking time off your crazy day to do this with me.


  1. Awesome shoot, I love Jesse Jo. Thanks for sending me the link!

  2. its john i am glad you like shots

  3. Excellent Video. i'm new into Photography. it will be an honor if you can see some of my work in my blog. thank for your time

  4. is there a video of the shoot?