Friday, July 9, 2010

Paparazzi Case Dismissed its Finally Over

As a lot of you know I have been in court for over 2 years fighting the DA of Malibu and the Paparazzi.  The case has finally been dismissed after I have spent all my money in lawyers.  Now its time for me to take a stand and make a change.  As a real photographer I don't understand how the paparazzi still get away with breaking all kinds of laws.

Read the Malibu Times for all the details.

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  1. So happy this long ordeal is over and I always believed that you would prevail. However, in our judicial system nothing is always as it should be so I was really watching closely to make sure they didn't try to screw you up along the way. Still a great deal of things to accomplish byut lets take a moment to catch our collective breaths and relish in your freedoms,