Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Model: Kelley Naylor

Model: Kelley Naylor

The  other day my friend's sister called me and said she really wanted to get into modeling but was super nervous and didn't know where to start.
She was approached by a swimsuit company that wanted her to model for their line but they wanted simple test photos of her sent to them that day.
Kelley called me and asked if I could meet with her and help her out.  We met at her house to pick out some swimsuits and talk a little about modeling.  She was super nervous because she has never done this kind of work before.  We started off just doing some really simple "polaroid" style shots to shoot the swimsuit line and also to get Kelley comfortable moving in front of the camera.

Kelley did so great and we ended up getting some really great shots, which ended up getting her the job with the swimsuit line. 
She was so easy to work with, she took direction great and loved modeling.  By the end of the shoot she wanted to keep going. She can hardly wait to shoot again. 

Kelley's look is the "full on" little California girl.  Her eyes popped in the camera and really pull you in.  She has a perfect swimsuit body.

Its fun working with new talent because they bring so much excitement  to the shoot, with a whole new kind of energy. 

More shoots to come with Kelley so stay tune as I help her build a solid print portfolio.

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