Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Model: Paije_Massey / Pinkerton Models LA

Model: Paije_Massey / Pinkerton Models LA

I work a lot with Pinkerton Models LA, this latest shoot we shot model Paije Massey.  We shot at a private location in Malibu, CA thanks again love shooting here.  I wanted to keep the shoot simple and easy, one light and fill cards.

Clothing Stylist:
Stephanie Powers

 These two images:
Clothing from Chelsea Manor Intimates
Location: at Fashion square mall, 14006 Riverside Dr, "Upper Level", Sherman Oaks, CA, 91423
Contact Info: 818.817.0991 

 Photographers Website:
Photo Assistant: Dan Locascio
Photo Assistant: Matt Douglas
Photo Intern: Dylan Hayes
Hair and Make Up: Megan Lanoux email:
Producer: Lyndsie Payne

Gear used: 
Camera: Canon 5D Mark II shooting into Lexar Cards
Lens: Canon  70-200mm
Lighting: Profoto 7B portable pack, 1 head,
Black Fill Cards Camera Left.  (this helps ad some contrast)

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