Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Triathlon - Raising money for Leukemia Lymphoma

    I came out to Dallas, TX to photograph a triathlon that my mother was a part of.  This triathlon is super special to our family because it was about raising money for cancer.  My mom, Wendy had cancer a couple years back and was a very scary time for the Hildebrand's.  Lucky Wendy did all the treatment and the doctors where able to make her healthy again.  Since that day she  wanted to give back and help other people fighting cancer.  She joined a group call TNT (team in training for the Lymphoma Society) which is a group that has coaches to train you for triathlons.  Each participant of TNT needs to raise a minimum in money to enter the race.  My mom worked so hard to train but even harder to raise as much money as possible.  She set her goal high by wanting to raise at least $10,000.  My Dad, Phil was so moved by the hard work my mom was doing that he said if she raised her goal he would match it.  This would bring my mom's total to $20,000.  Long story short she did it and now that money will go to helping people fight Leukemia & Lymphoma.   

    My farther rented a 40 foot RV and he  drove us 6 hrs to Galveston where the race took place.  I helped the best I could to make sure we didn't crash on the way as my two brothers Madison and Wayne hung out in the back with mom.  My mom needed to rest and focus on her big race so she chilled and slept when she could.  We made it safely, luckily hahaha and now had to get my mother  registered.  The race was on Saturday morning at 5am so time to kick back and rest up a bit.

  Saturday  morning at 5 a.m.  I got up to cover mom's every move preparing for the race. I wanted to fully cover the event and give it a photojournalism type of vibe.  Getting photos of all the work that goes into the race before, during and after.  Watching this triathlon is making me feel like I need to try and do this myself and set a goal to do one, hey if my 58 year mom can do this I better at least try.  (hahahah but she did raise three crazy, wild boys) By the way, for those of you wanted to do this, the race consists of a one mile swim, a 26 mile bike ride and a 6.2 mile run. GO FOR IT!

It takes my mom 4 mins to bike ride one mile and every 4 mins somebody is diagnosed with a blood cancer.

These photos are being used to help promote the TEAM and spread the word that every dollar helps.

Nice work you finished!!!

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