Friday, March 12, 2010

Taylor Olandt - Coogies Waitress

Taylor Olandt - Coogies Waitress

Last week Taylor and I took an hour to run to the beach and capture some classic Malibu swimsuit shots.  We started at Zuma and ended  up at Westward.  I met Taylor a few weeks ago at the local spot Coogies, where she works as a waitress.  She approached me out of nowhere.

Taylor:  It was not out of newhere, we had been facebook friends!!

John: Anyways, so she walks straight up to our table and asks, "Are you John Hildebrand"

T: Ya, and then nervously he's like, "um did we meet at a party? An I'm thinking, no you fool we did not meet at a party.  I'm one of your biggest fans.

J:  And so she continues to tell me that she has been following my blogs, facebook, twitter and my website.  Loves my work and after she left all my friends where like, "damn this girls hot.  She didn't even look at us, she was like zoned into you only"  ahahahhahah weird. 

T: So we became friends, and decided to have some fun and take out cloths off and shoot.

J: It funny how some things come together.


  1. Yeahhhh Sicky keepin it kushhhh at zuma!

  2. Short, but cute.

  3. where are the nudes?