Thursday, January 28, 2010

Intoxicated by the rain / Model Lyndsie Payne

  When it rains in California the sexy women stay inside. She was sexy, this woman. Her warm, serious voice still tinged with the summer warmth. The rich aroma of whiskey from Irish coffee, faintly preserved, warmed her in a shower run cold. She liked negotiating her was past silicone women knowing that when she returned to her modest room she was still the richer one. She whispered her name again and again in this room. In this room with no windows she could only hear the muffled beat of the rain. A week later, the streets had dried. She wanted to go out. The bar was closed but she bought a cup of coffee nearby, added her own whiskey and sat on the cliffs of the beach. Finally blue covered the sky and a man walked by her but said nothing. Sometimes, women can only be sexy when the rain keeps them inside. - Written Stella Michon Rollens

Photographer: John Hildebrand
Hair and Make Up: Veronica Sinclair
Stylist: Erika Moss-Martin
Photo Assistant: Kyle Sparks
Intern: Desiree Asher

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  1. Very Nice Sicky