Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Firearms Product Shoot

On Saturday September 19th I did a product shoot in San Diego with my good friend and fellow photographer, Joe Hamilton. We shot for a company named JD Machine Tech. They specialize in the making of colt m4 carbine a specialized gun. They supply military personnel, police departments and other groups in need of this specialized weapon. The pictures we took start with a block of metal that is transformed in to a gun. This was a very interesting shoot for Joe and I as we learned quite a bit on guns and how they are distributed and also how they are controlled by the government.
Since Obama has begun to enforce the non sale of ammunition and guns, JD tells us that his production has gone way up. (read more about this on this site) (on gun control)
I guess people are afraid they won't be able to get amo or guns again.

colt m4 carbine
colt m4 carbine

JD Machine Tech
Jesse Denome
4031 Pacific Coast Highway
San Diego, CA 92110

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