Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Solana Beach, CA Triathlon

On July 26, 2009 after many months of training my mom Wendy and my brother Wayne did their first Triathlon in San Diego. The Triathlon breaks down as a half-mile swim in the ocean (on one of the biggest swells of the year), 9-mile bike ride, and a 3-mile run. Up against another 1,000 crazy people, ages 15 – 87. Yes, I did say 87 and his time would have been better than my time if I were to try this but I am not that stupid.

My mom came in from Texas and my brother came in from Arizona to run this California Triathlon. Since this was their first triathlon with many more to come I had to document the event. I wanted my story to show the viewers all the work that goes into a triathlon from the beginning to the end. In shooting this event I wanted to capture the fun, the pain and the energy it takes a person to push their limits. Giving these shots more of a photojournalism feel made me enjoy shooting.

yes we got up at 4:57 AM
Getting his Herbalife protein shake.
Our entry numbers.
Preparing mentally.
Identifying our age groups.
Our swim, bike, run changing station.
Our swim, bike, run changing station.

Breath, Breath, Breath.

Wanye is amped for his 3-mile run almost done.
Told him to just start knocking people out so you are the only one in the swim.
Starting off on the bike ride.
Is he into this?????

Top 12 in her swim

Running off to the bike. (is she ready)

Finished the swim faster than we all thought in the top 15 out of 140.

Wayne starting his swim.

Look waves LOLOLOL

Starting off the 9-mile bike ride.
Finish the last turn on the bike.
Still happy about doing this swim.

Wow the waves are big.
Last turn pushing it hard.
It's over get me food and my diet coke NOW!!!

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