Tuesday, July 7, 2009

MICHAEL JACKSON Public Memorial Service

Yes I went to the Michael Jackson Tribute Memorial today and last night. JD Tartol and myself went late Monday night so we didn’t have to deal with traffic. Thanks to John Tartol from Herbalife he got us a hotel room at the Holiday Inn right across the street from the Staples Center. Right in the mix of it all and we got prime parking. The city of Los Angeles, CA did such a great job on crowd control but it made it harder to get the crazy photos. They wouldn’t let anyone near the Staples Center unless you had wristbands. We got ours because we had a room at the Hotel, which pretty much saved us. Not sure how we pulled it off but we where able to walk everywhere taking photos. Didn’t take as many photos as I wanted because there were about 10,000 photographers, video cameras, news reports, IPhones and much more. The news today was the news.

If you would like to purchase any photos from this event just email me. info@johnhildebrand.com
The night before.
She Claims to be the biggest fan ever.

The streets where all blocked off the night before, the cops had downtown on lock
The Holiday Inn we stayed in, over looking the staples center.
The next morning they finally start letting people in but only in small numbers.

Some people where waiting over 3hrs to sign this MJ wall.
I want this jacket super classic
The news today for sure was the news. Never have I seen in my life so many different kinds of news media from all over the world.
Thanks to Herbalife we got to chill upstairs with the view pointing right at the staples center.
The was the view from the Herbalife office, once again thanks John Tartol

Pretty much every kind of cop was there in full force.
This was the scence on every street corner around the Staples Center they where not letting anyone in with the right wristbands.
One of the lucky people who had a ticket.

This lady went all out on her outfit.

LOLOLOL you have no idea how classic this guy was on directing traffic soooo classic wow.

Wait is that Michael???
These walls where pretty cool but no way I wanted to wait in line.

All ages made it out today. These kids even knew how to do the moonwalk.

Just showing us some photos of MJ.

This lady made a full dress out of MJ buttons.
All kinds of street vender's trying to make that buck.

These kids where watching tv of the MJ tribute and where loosing it. You couldn't believe on how other photographers where running over to get photos of them crying.
She was trying to make that dollar but was super not happy.

This guy is just so happy.

Daddy's little girls, must be from Beverly Hills.

Yes this guy is for real.

Its over everyone rushing out.


Michael Jackson Tribute from Sicky Dicky on Vimeo.


  1. Joseph AlexanderJuly 8, 2009 at 5:05 PM

    Looks great! wish I could have been there. These will make great artwork for the walls!

  2. Awesome ... so moving to see the different views of the crowd and the people that gave their support to the King of Hip-Hop. Great shots!

  3. very cool johnnie, nice work.

  4. Wow John! Great stuff!!

  5. Great shots John, nicely done.

  6. Great shots John! I love the B&W. I missed a lot of the MJ stuff (yes, I was under a rock ;) so I really enjoyed your pics! Keep it up! xx

  7. Wow. What an awesome experience. From the photos, I feel like I was there. John, you should shoot a video of you moonwalking and upload it to www.eternalmoonwalk.com. Check it out!

  8. love the video. who did the mj remix? photos are dynamic. nice.

  9. Dug the photos and the video.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Come visit me in the gallery!!