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Swim Journal Magazine

Swim Journal Magazine Shoot
June 12, 2009

Prepping the Shoot
Pretty much this shoot was way crazy before it even started. Had so many problems with booking a model. I was using a modeling agency in Los Angeles, CA called “I Model and Talent”. They told me one model that my clients really wanted could do the shoot, turns out the model was in Hawaii, which we found out the day before the shoot. I was on another shoot at the time and was now trying to find another model ASAP because call time was a 6am the next day. “I Models” said they had another model that would do the shoot; my clients liked her so we booked her.

Day of shoot
Stress was over or so we all thought. June 12 at 6:30am and still no model but its ok because 90% of models think its ok to be 30-40mins late to a shoot. Now it’s 8am, the model still is not at the location and we can’t get a hold of the agency because they are not opened yet. We are all hoping the agency would at least give the model my number so she could call us, nothing. I finally call the NY office to see if they can help, long story but the agent there was so great and super on top of it. She tracked down the model that we thought we booked. NY office calls me back and says the model is on her way and should be there by 9:30am. This is good news, but we are running out of time. The location we are shooting at closes at 4pm and we have 11 shots to do, wow. It’s 10:30am and no model, now I am a little freaking angry. I call the agents back and they can’t find her or get a hold of her. I hope this model never works again because this is just so lame. Pretty much at this point starting to think that “I Model and Talent” is not going to work and they don’t have any control over there models.
Looking for a new Model at 11am
Now my client and myself are getting a little stressed out, the location closes at 4pm and my client is flying back to AZ at 6pm. I call every modeling agency I know in LA and Sarah from “Next Models” saves the day. First Sarah was super understanding of what was happening and wanted to do what ever she could to help us out. Within 5 minutes she emailed me a couple models that would work and 5 minutes later we booked Kristen Kassinger aka “KK”. Sarah told us the model could be here by 11:45am, I heard this to many times today so was thinking the worst. No way, she arrived at 11:45am and was perfect for the look we wanted. Sometimes you never know what you’re going to get without seeing the model first.

Time to Shoot Finally
Ok, now it’s time to finally get ready and find a way to still shoot all 11 shots. At this point I am trying to just hold it together and not freak out. Megan the hair and make up artist has to kick some butt and finish as fast as possible. Also, Megan has to work in downtown LA later today and needs to leave the shoot no later than 2:30. We are shooting at Zuma Canyon Orchid Farm, which is right up the street from my house. Thanks to Madison Hildebrand (my brother) for putting in a good word for me to shoot here. George Vasquez the owner was so cool for letting us shoot here. George let us shoot wherever we wanted and move all kinds of plants around. Getting ready to shoot the first shot, hoping this model can really kill it and shoot fast. Wow, couldn’t have asked for a better model, she was so professional and on point. Didn’t really have to give her much direction, which made the shoot go fast. We pulled it off, all 11 shots, and finished at 4:15pm. Have no idea how the hell this shoot worked but it did and everyone on the crew stepped it up big time.

Preview of Images / Video
Below are some of the out takes of the shoot and a small video. The magazine will be out at the end of July, which I will post on the blog. Stay Tuned.

I can't put the other images up yet because we are putting them in the magazine soon. So stay tuned.

Swim Journal from Sicky Dicky on Vimeo.

Special thanks to:

Megan: Hair and Make, Kyle Sparks: Photo assistant, Randi Karabin, Kirsten Sorensen, Gary Abeyta, Swim Journal Magazine, Madison Hildebrand, George from Zuma Canyon Orchids, Sarah from Next Models LA, Model: Kristen Kassinger, sun bounce, coffee, Herbalife: liftoff’s,

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  1. haha classic. Kyle, quite kicken it on the picnic table and figure out what that light is doing. Looks good JOhn cant wait to peep the photos. Hectic story.