Monday, May 25, 2009

Park City - Architecture Shoot

Sorry I haven't updated my blog in a couple days. I have been shooting for new client American First Builders in Park City, Utah.
American First Builders are one of the largest builders in Utah. Their area of focus is in the Park City region while currently expanding into Scottsdale, AZ.
Mike Graham, the owner, builds unique custom homes with an extraordinary sharp attention to detail. Mikes work is amazing; his cabinetry is the best I have seen. I have never seen a house remotely close to this in Malibu & I have seen it all. Not to say there aren’t amazing homes in Malibu, just not in this caliber.
On Mike’s last visit to Malibu he fully remodeled my condo. People are blown away when they see the build out of my place.
I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to photograph only 6 of his one-of-a- kind custom homes on this trip, the largest home being 25,000 square feet! I am planning on going back several more times this year.
On this shoot I flew in alone and shot everything myself. I only used natural day light and the lighting in the house. Mike’s homes do not generally need extra lighting because they already have great lighting everywhere which make these photos turn out so well.
Unfortunately, I couldn't bring in my crew because it would have taken too long and been too expensive for everyone.
This shoot was a lot of bracketing and working in HDR lightroom, I put the final touches and perfected everything in Photoshop. The big work is done in the office on the computer. Below are some of the completed images. I shot over 100 different images on this trip, and have a lot of Photoshop work to still be completed. Check back later to see all the final shots. I will also be working on updating Mike’s website, so a link will be posted soon.

Right on the golf course so nice.
Ok, I don't think photography will get me a house like this but I can dream.
Indoor pool on the best snow mountain in UT.
Picture me in the tub. I can.
Got to love the wood work.
Anyone have popcorn and a great movie to watch.

Love those bar seats.



  1. Absolutely beautiful!!!!
    and i am now picturing in that tub!

  2. i want that bathroom... stunning

  3. whoa...why wanna make me drool?!!!!

  4. WOW Yon!! These shots are very inviting! Good work and you have added a lot of cool new connections to you and the work you have done is awesome! :)

  5. Nice. Boss has a nice vacation home in Park City--pretty sure it's not this one!

  6. Hello everyone and thanks for the many great comments on my homes. A special thanks for John Hildebrand for a great day in Park City and all the wonderful pictures. Enjoy them all, Mike Graham