Thursday, April 16, 2009

Photography Guest Blog - Joe Hamilton Photography "Road Trip"

From time to time I going to feature a guest on my blog. Going to have other photographers, make up artist, clothing stylist and hair stylist show us their work and also give some tips.
Stay Tuned.

First and foremost I would like to thank John for allowing me to be a guest on his blog. My name is Joe Hamilton and I am a freelance photographer based out of Oceanside, CA. John has recently asked me to discuss my road trip I took over Easter weekend. Took a drive out to beautiful Calexico, CA with my girlfriend Michele to visit her grandparents, two of the coolest grandparents I have ever met. Had a really nice visit with them and took some great photos along the way.

Road trips are a perfect time for scouting out new locations and trying out new gear. On this trip I brought along a new HonlPhoto kit purchased here:
For the price it is not a bad package if you put it to use. The gels came in handy when we came across this burnt down abandoned farm house. After envisioning the creative potential with this place I discussed coming back soon with John to collaborate on a shoot. Possibly we could blog about that if we knock that project out..
Above photo info – Shot @ f8, ISO 200, 56.00 S, 17-85mm@17mm. Shooting with a Canon 20D I wanted to keep the ISO relatively low to reduce noise in the image. Camera placed on manual on a tri-pod @ f8 for a good depth of field, timer placed to “bulb” to achieve 56.00 seconds and have enough time to paint the entire scene, triggered with remote. I used a Canon 580exII with a “Rosco Roscolux Primary Blue” gel for the blue effect and a Canon 420ex with a Rosco Roscolux Light Red gel for red behind the house, these gels come in the kit. During the 56.00 second exposure the blue flash was fired off 6 times throughout the room and the red was fired off 3 times outside the back window. Finalized with a few adjustments in PhotoShop.

On the way back home we made a few stops and came across this crazy layout in the middle of nowhere, we were glad we stopped. Under this bridge we found stick like figures covered in ragged clothing. Most likely belonging to immigrants on their journey to freedom and picked up by border patrol and leaving behind excess clothing. Somebody took the time to set these up, so I took the time to try and capture a couple of good photos. Both images were shot @ f11 and bracketed by 2 stops converted to HDR through Photomatix.

All in all had a good time, got some good photos, found some cool new locations and learned a few new tricks. Road trips can be a 5 minute drive to a local beach or a trip around the world. Bottom line is, if you enjoy photography get out there with a friend or family member who also enjoy photography and explore, you never know what you may find.

Thanks for your time and check out my web site whenever you have a chance. If you have any questions on photos taken do not hesitate to send me an email, I am more than happy to share info. And thanks again to John for a little spotlight on his blog.


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