Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Max Musina Product Shots

Max Musina who just happens to live next door to me in Malibu. Max is a very creative talented guy. He makes some of the coolest, most unique hand made leather bags, jackets, belts and sandals I have ever seen. Each peac is one of a kind and made only in Malibu, CA. Trust
me, I see them working every day in their studio garage.

I don't get to shoot product as much as I would like to but I really enjoy it. I get to work solo, use my creative ideas and rock out to music.

Max’s website is being worked on, so when its up I will make sure to show everyone the site.

Attached are some of the images we just shot for Max’s new line. The detail on the red leather jacket is a fine example to Max’s vision. Notice the curve cuts of the collar and the intricate stitching down the front.
His belts are all unique and one of a kind with each one having a distinct look and unusual looking buckles.

I am looking forward to shooting for Max again and (maybe I could trade out my shoot for the red leather jacket for my mom)

All products by
Massimiliano Musina

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