Sunday, April 26, 2009

Guest Blog - Niki's My Hairstylist

LinkI have been friends with Niki for ever and now we are working together on photo shoots. She will be doing must of my hair for the next couple of shoots. So if you need a great hair stylist hit up Niki. Click on her blog Niki

Niki's Write Up
Becoming obsessed with hair at a very young age my Saturdays consisted of styling my friends hair and tearing through every magazine desperately trying to recreate the looks that inspired me. During this time I decided I wanted to become a hairstylist and pursue this path for my career. I began studying cosmetology at Santa Monica College. From there I began working at Chris McMillan salon under well-known stylist, Kristoff Ball. Working in a salon atmosphere was fun and exciting and I was grateful to have this incredible opportunity to work under and be trained by one of the best in the business. Currently I have been working privately; styling hair for a variety of clients including photo shoots with a wide range of projects giving me this wonderful opportunity to show my creativity and skills.

Currently I am working for John Hildebrand, a well-known and respected photographer here in Malibu. John prides himself in creating a unique atmosphere. John fires off ideas that ignite my passion as a hairstylist allowing my ideas and vision to come alive. John has amazing talent, a creative mind with humor to go along with it. From my first time working with John he made me feel like I had been doing this my entire life, that’s what kind of personality he has, which is hard to find. John’s creations tell you everything you need to know about the pride and passion he puts into his art. Working with John I’ve learned to distinguish my abilities, and exert my talent. It has truly been an honor working with John. Once a week I will be a guest on his blog updating you with styles I’m working on, what inspires me, and everything that goes on behind the scenes! I can't wait to shoot this week!!!!


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