Friday, March 20, 2009

HDR Photography For Real Estate

So to make some extra money I started shooting for all the realtor's around Malibu, CA. When I normally shoot high end Architecture I have to shoot all day and night with a full crew and lighting. But Now with HDR its will take me about 1 hour to shoot a 3,000 sq ft house with no lighting and no crew.

So I thought I would tell you guys how I do this and show you some sample photos. First you need to shoot with a high end camera I use the Canon 5D Mark II.

What is HDR?
HDR is short for High Dynamic Range. It is a post-processing of taking either one image or a series of images, combining them, and adjusting the contrast ratios to do things that are virtually impossible with a single aperture and shutter speed. I would say that about 75% of my images use the technique, and if you are new to it, then you may notice a slightly different “look and feel” to my photographs. You should also probably note that HDR is a very broad categorization, and I really hate categorization. My process starts with using basic HDR techniques, but then there are many more steps to help the photos look more… let’s say… evocative.

Setup your camera to bracket 3 or more images. Ensure that your bracket covers the entire range of light that is present in the scene. Example shoot at -2, -1, Normal, +1, +2 exposures. Shooting only in RAW format.

Making it HDR:
Than its just this simple bring in the images to a program called Photomatix. Its only about $99 and pretty much is the only program that I find that works for me. On this site it will show you set by step how to do this.

Than use Lightroom to do a little more love to your images.

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Sample Images:


  1. love these shots. hopefully i hae another property for you too shoot for me soon.

  2. is that Chris Riel's house in Cito or whaaa?? i know that red door and those blue shutters LOL

  3. Madison HildebrandApril 20, 2010 at 5:02 PM

    love these shots. hopefully i hae another property for you too shoot for me soon.